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With the cost of residential solar plummeting over the last decade, and rising energy costs (in some markets), homeowners are catching on as to how valuable solar is for their property. There are new, innovative financing options available that weren't available ten years ago, and that has been a game changer for homeowners who want to eventually own their own system.

As demand has shifted Solar Site Design to servicing more homeowners in 2020 and beyond, the team decided it was time to partner with a groundbreaking new mobile platform to give homeowners and sales agents the best solar experience - from design to installation. Backed by an award-winning expert solar team, this new platform uses A.I. and machine learning to design the system for you. Viewed through a 3D hologram, you review the design with an incredible viewing experience of how it looks on your property. There's an interactive proposal where you choose details specific to your needs, including any adders, financing options, premium panels, a battery for storage and more.

As a recipient of the U.S. Department of Energy's Sunshot Catalyst award in 2015, Solar Site Design was tasked with driving down the cost of solar across the United States. We believe that leveraging this new platform will connect the dots to what can be a complicated process, drive down costs, and make it simple for you to go solar.

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